Web Specials on Food

Dear Food Lover:

At The Pelican Reef, you know we run specials on food and drinks.

And for our web special, we have a great one for you.

It’s a perfect meal and a great deal.

For a limited time, you can get our special Slider and Wings Combo.

But you have to ask for it directly from your server. It’s not listed on any of our menus.

Here’s how it’s served.

You get a basket filled with 6 chicken wings and 2 sliders. We’ll cook the sliders like you want and bring you the full basket hot and ready to eat.

It’s a great quick meal that’s delicious.

And here’s the best part.

It’s available for a limited time for $10.

You won’t find a deal like that anywhere. We checked.

It’s one of the best deals you can get in the area.

And remember –

It’s only available as a special meal for our patrons and new guests who ask about it.

Be sure to ask your server and if there’s any questions, they’ll be happy to answer them.

See you soon!