!Enjoy Your View

Enjoy Your View

The view makes a difference.

When the weather is nice, the view of the river is wonderful way to enjoy your meal.

You can turn a quaint little meal into a wonderful experience.

Nestled alongside Fowl River Marina, you can see the boats at dock and watch the boats bustle up and down the river.

On quiet days, you’ll see the sun reflecting off each ripple of the water. When the wind blows, it turns each tiny wave into a tiny mirror, reflecting the sun back at you. The pulses of shimmer hypnotize you with their regular rhythm.

Between the whirrs of the boats, you can hear the tiny laps of waves hitting the boats and the dock. The tiny gurgles compose a peaceful river melody that may be one of the most relaxing sounds you’ll ever hear.

It will wash away even the most stressful day.

Best of all, it’s only a short drive from Mobile, Theodore, or Dauphin Island. Click here to get the exact directions.