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Parties are our specialty

Look. Parties are fun.

But here’s a little secret you might not know.

First, ask yourself these questions.

Have you ever been to a party were everyone had fun?

One filled with laughter and smiles?

A party that was talked about for days and weeks after it was over.

The one fun party that when you think about it now, you wish you were there.

Here’s a little known secret about those parties that the host won’t tell you.

You see, most host and hostesses know there’s no way they have enough time to do everything that makes up a great party.

They can’t handle all the invites and invitations, as well as the other details like planning the meals, cooking the food, serving the guests, and cleaning up after the party.

There’s no way she could handle all that and still have fun at the party.

So in 99% of the cases, the host did ONE thing that made the party a success.

She got help.

At The Pelican Reef, we’ve got you covered for your next big party.

When you host your event or party at The Pelican Reef, we take care of everything for you.

We’ll cook your food perfectly, bring it out to your guests, and clear away everything so you can focus on one thing – Making sure your party is the one that’s talked about for the rest of the year.

Call us at 251-973-2670 and we’ll give you all the details you need for your next party or event.