The Fowl River Christmas Boat Parade – Everything You Need To Know

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Coming To A Dock Near You – The Christmas Boat Parade On Fowl River

(Warning: This is a long post.)

It’s that time again!

It’s the Christmas Boat Parade on Fowl River.

Here’s what this is all about.

(Info for local boaters is at the very bottom of this page.)

The parade starts up at The No-Wake Zone at the end of Fowl River.

Every boat is decorated with lights. Some boats toss throws like Mardi Gras.

The parade goes down Fowl River, making occasional stops to throw goodies to everyone on the docks.

And everyone has a great time.

The parade ends back at The Pelican Reef.

When all the boats have made it to the end, the fun doesn’t stop there.

There’s then a small ceremony inside The Pelican Reef. The boat with the best lights wins a special award for this year’s parade.


The time of the award ceremony varies depending on how many boats are in the parade, but we’re planning on the awards to happen around 9pm.

So there you go!

Second – The start times.

You’ll notice that the event has a time of 5pm to 11:30pm. The end time is late because there’s an after-party with a band. More on that in a second.

The boats will BEGIN the parade around the NO WAKE zone in East Fowl River at approximately 5:30PM.

We are doing our best to make sure it starts on time, but things change due to temperature and weather.

If you live along on the river, we suggest you get down to your dock around 5:15PM.

If you’re at The Pelican Reef, the parade will be here anytime from 6PM to 7PM. It depends on the weather and the turnout.

Moving on, let’s talk about all the fun stuff!

Parking – Parking is free! The parking lot fills up fast but there’s added parking in the office parking lot right up the hill from The Pelican Reef.

There will be a parking attendant that night and there will be a golf cart to help shuttle people to and from their cars.

We are opening up a parking area at the top of the hill so there will be plenty of parking for everyone.

For those of you ordering dinner that day or night, you can choose from the new December specials.

Here’s the link to the December Specials at The Pelican Reef:


We don’t take reservations, but if you’re bringing a large party, you can call ahead when you’re on your way. That way we’ll start getting ready for your group to get here.

The Observation Back Deck – The back deck sits along the water. This year it will be turned into an observational deck for watching the parade. You may take drinks out back but no food will be served there. If you’d like to eat, there’s plenty of tables inside or downstairs.

Expanded Tables For Dining – This year you’ll have plenty of option to eat. You have the regular dining room. And this year we’re opening the inside seating room area, adding more tables and servers downstairs, and adding 4 new tables in the bar balcony.

So there’s plenty of room for you and your guests to eat. Just plan ahead to get here early!

Two Bars Will Be Open: The downstairs bar has been renovated. There’s additional seats and more serving space. So you can get your drinks faster if you’re downstairs!

But wait…

This year it’s even better.

This year during and after the parade you can catch music from Whyte Caps.

Here’s what they say about Whyte Caps:

“The Whyte Caps began in Gulf Shores, Alabama and time evolved into a Power Trio. The three powerhouse musicians have created a Rock/Progressive Rock music that has put them on over 188 venue stages and five festival stages in the past year. Whyte Caps has taken over like a tsunami, making colossal waves all across the Southeast and have become a force to be reckoned with. Whyte Caps killer originals are creating a frenzy; the band hooks their audience with their high energy and jaw dropping riffs! ”


Sounds amazing!



For all the boaters:

1. Many of you have said “Yes” to being in the boat parade. If that’s you, then the next step is to call The Pelican Reef and get your boat entered into the parade. The number is 251-973-2670. Call after 10:30am.

2. If you have a boat and you live in Mobile, Theodore, Dog River, or the Fowl River area and you want to be in the parade, then this is your invitation to be in the Fowl River Christmas Boat Parade!

It’s free and fun!

Here’s how it works.

Simply call The Pelican Reef to register your boat.

You’ll get a number to put on your boat. This is your position in the parade.

On December 16th, you’ll put your boat in the water, meet up at the No Wake Zone (up in East Fowl River), then cruise back down the river with all the other boats. Boats will meet up between 5:00pm and 5:15pm at the No Wake Zone.

You can decorate your boat with lights and Christmas decorations.

You can even swing by the docks to throw Mardi Gras trinkets to all the locals.

It’s like Christmas Mardi Gras on Fowl River!!!

There’s no fee to participate. It’s free to join in the fun.

Simply call The Pelican Reef at 251-973-2670 and leave your name and number. Then drop by to pick up your order line-up number for the parade.

Everyone is welcome to join in. The more the merrier!

Last year we hit a new record with all the boats. Let’s make it even bigger this year!




One last thing…

We have specials for you like this all the time.

There will be more.

If you’d like to keep up and be the first to find out about it, then just sign up at our Pelican Reef Insider’s Newsletter here.

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Hope to see you soon!