Add Gumbo To Your Thanksgiving Holidays

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Dear Friend:

We’ll keep this one short.

If you have family in town and you’re cooking holiday dinner next week, then this is for you.

Next Thursday is Thanksgiving.

You’ll be spending all day prepping and cooking food. Cutting and Carving. Baking and broiling. Slicing and dicing.

There’s a simple way to make your dinner even better – add some seafood gumbo.

But you don’t have to spend hours standing over a steaming pot.

The Pelican Reef has made it easy.

Here’s the deal.

Starting today until Tuesday, November 21st you can drop by The Pelican Reef and pick some up some of our seafood gumbo (shrimp and crabmeat) made just for you to enjoy for your holiday dinner.

We’re packaging it up in Quarts and 1 Gallon containers for you to pick up and take home.

All at a special price.

We know you appreciate and enjoy high quality seafood. Therefore, we’ve prepared this seafood gumbo like we normally would.

If you’d like to include gumbo into your holiday dinner, simple call The Pelican Reef at 251-973-2670 and let us know which size you’d like and when you’d like to pick it up.

The prices are $25.00 for a quart and $60.00 for a gallon.

This is an amazing deal.

You can’t make gumbo for that price.

So call the The Pelican Reef at 251-973-2670 and let’s get you some gumbo!

Enjoy your holidays.