Are these guys worth listening to?

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There’s no longer any question about it.

For the past few months and in the next several weeks, the best local musicians are found on stage at The Pelican Reef — locals we know, locals we call friends, local you call friends.

But a smart, thoughtful person is always asking – Are these guys really any good? Can they sing? Can they play? Will I have a great time if I go to listen to them?

For the first 3 of those questions, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

The musicians you’ll hear are hard working musicians. They’re all in working bands. They all play locally. They all write original music. They all participate in singer songwriter events.

For instance, you have Camm Lewis and Justin Gipson from Camm Lewis and The Live Oaks. You have Levon Grey, who can sing and play almost any style of music.  You have Ryan Dreibilbis, who is now a featured artist on Reverb Nation. You have Abe Partridge, a singer songwriter just signed to Skate Mountain Records.

And much, much more.

And if that wasn’t good enough, here’s something else.

Most of the performers who play on Thursday nights at The Pelican Reef are asked to play at The Listening Room, the premier singer songwriting venue in Mobile.

So ask again – Are these guys worth listening to?

The answer is a resounding YES!

Now there’s one question we left unanswered.

Will I have a great time if I go to The Pelican Reef to listen to the best local music talent in town?

That is hard to answer.

But we’ll try.

Because not only will you find amazing musical talent, there’s a full bar with everything from domestic beers to whiskey to rum to specialty craft beers. You can have almost any type of drink that you choose.

You can eat from a full menu of over 40+ dishes ranging from seafood to southern food to homestyle cooking. And there’s new food specials each month.

The downstairs event room has 20+ tables and chairs. And it’s cooled with a 30 ton A/C unit with insulated walls so it’s chilly and cold in the room even in August.

So will you have a great time?

All the pieces are there – the only thing missing is you.

You’re invited to come listen to the best local musical talent in Mobile.

And we hope you have a great time.

Local musicians are playing Thursdays at The Pelican Reef.

This week your hosts are Justin Gipson, Levon Gray, Levi Seymour, and Franklin Pratt.

Stay tuned each week as we update and rotate new hosts.

Music starts at 6pm.