A 10-piece brass band AND a brand new Southern seafood dish

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How often to you get to see a 10-piece brass band


try a brand new Southern seafood dish that’s sure to be a hit?

Sure you could hop in your car and drive over to New Orleans… but you want something closer.

We have you covered at The Pelican Reef.

Now is your chance to catch a killer 10-piece brass band LIVE at The Pelican Reef.

And that’s not ALL!

In this message you’ll discover an amazing new dish that is available for one day only – this Saturday, August 12th.

And it’s a must try dish you’ll only find at The Pelican Reef!

If you’re a fun-loving music fan who likes to have fun, dance, drink, laugh, and try out killer new food specials, then this is going to be the most important message you’ll read today.

Here’s the deal.

This Saturday – on August 12 – is a day that will go down in history.

Why is that?

The answer will shock you.

This Saturday is the first time in Pelican Reef history to host a full 10-piece brass band playing in the new and improved downstairs event room.

There’s been rock and roll gigs, Jimmy Buffet cover bands, and country music, but there’s never been a 10-piece brass band to entertain you and jam out on New Orleans style jazz and funk.

Who is this band?

Their name is Blackwater Brass and they’ve been tearing up the local scene lately.

You might have seen them at a festival in Mississippi, playing at The Shed, or at the local music festival in Mobile called Southsounds.

And this Saturday, August 12th, you’ll find them at The Pelican Reef.

Blackwater Brass is heavily influenced by New Orleans style funk masters like The Meters, Galactic, and Dirty Dozen Brass Band. They add in their own style and flair with a mix of fun pop covers in every show.

You’ll find them in the downstairs event room jamming out this Saturday at The Pelican Reef starting at 8PM.

But that’s not all.

Do you know what else is making history this Saturday?

It’s this.

Over the past few months, The Pelican Reef has made major improvements to the event room.

We’ve expanded the upstairs area with more tables in the “balcony”. We’ve torn down some walls to make more room. We’ve added a new downstairs bar so you can get your drinks faster, sit down longer, and visit with your friends easier.

And best of all – the room has been updated with insulation and new doors so all the cold air stays inside!

That’s right!

Even though it’s August, you’ll be as cool as a cucumber while you’re grooving and jammin to the 10-piece brass band Blackwater Brass as they lay down their own brand of funk and jazz.

But wait!

There’s more!

If you’ve been to one of the earlier 2nd Saturday events, then you’ve seen the special food menus.

This Saturday is no different.

You’ll find 4 new dishes and 4 new drinks.

We’ll release the menu later in the week.

For now you should know about one dish.

It’s a very special recipe that you’ll only find at The Pelican Reef.

It’s called The Pelican Reef’s Shrimp Burger.

It’s the perfect combination of Southern and seafood cooking.

It’s a burger with a specially prepared shrimp cake – like a crab cake, but made from shrimp – that’s then placed on top of a grilled grit cake and topped with more seasoned shrimp, then served to you on a sesame seed bun with lettuce and tomato.


A shrimp cake on a grilled grit cake topped with more seasoned shrimp?

Yes! And it’s delicious!

It’s called The Pelican Reef’s Shrimp Burger and it’s available for one day only – Saturday, August 12th

The menu is available all day long. The music starts at 8pm.

Doesn’t this sound like a great time?

Here’s a quick recap for you:

  • Killer 10 piece brass band playing New Orleans style jazz and funk
  • A new and improved downstairs event room to keep you cool all night long
  • A one-day only special menu, including the amazing Pelican Reef Shrimp Burger

Whew! That’s a lot!

Now, look.

This party is going to be a hit.

It’s going to be packed.

But there’s no one more thing you should know about.

There’s plenty of reasons for you to show up on Saturday.

Yet… just in case you’re still on the fence, here’s the best part.

There’s NO COVER CHARGE to get in on Saturday night.

That’s right.

Get in, order a drink, then chill out and listen to the music of Blackwater Brass.

You pay no cover charge.

It’s going to be so much fun that you’ll probably need to take Monday off.

Just sayin’.

It’s happening this Saturday, August 12th at The Pelican Reef.

Serving the special menu all day long. Music starts at 8pm just when it’s getting dark.

See you then!

Pics of The Pelican Reef’s Shrimp Burger – Available 1 Day Only on Saturday, August 12th