Social Sundays at The Pelican Reef… Today!

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More news about your summer fun at The Pelican Reef.

It’s a brand new way to spend your Sunday.

It’s not a big party. It’s not a throwdown.

This one is a little different.

No… that’s not what Sundays are all about.

Sundays are spending time with family, relaxing before the week starts, and being with friends.

That’s why we’re bringing you a brand-new version of Sunday fun…

It’s called Social Sundays at The Pelican Reef.

And it’s all about being with your family and your friends in a relaxing environment where you can listen to nice music, relax, and chill for a few hours.

Social Sundays at The Pelican Reef are where you can TRULY relax and enjoy your Sunday.

Here’s the deal.

On Sundays we’ll be having some small bands, acoustic duos, and singer-songwriters at The Pelican Reef. The times will vary, but they’ll be late afternoon, early evening.

Perfect for you to visit with friends, maybe eat and listen to some great music.

All in a laid-back atmosphere.

You can order food from our menu or try one of our new special dishes featured each month.

And of course there’s a fully staffed bar for all of your drinks and cocktails.

It’s a great time for you if you enjoy laid-back Sundays.

Who’s on the schedule this week?

This Sunday, come and listen to Levon Gray.

He’ll be putting on an acoustic show for you from 5pm to 7pm.

You may have seen Levon during our Thursday night open mic night.

Maybe you saw him play a few weeks ago with Camm Lewis and The Live Oaks.

Either way, you know this guy has talent.

And his style and voice are a perfect choice for social Sundays.

So get here on Sunday. Music starts at 5pm with an acoustic show from Levon Gray.

And be sure to block off your calendar every Sunday because you’ll want to spend them all here at The Pelican Reef.

It’s the newest thing on Sundays….

Social Sundays at The Pelican Reef
– Come visit with friends and listen to music under the bridge –

See you this Sunday from 5 to 7 for Levon Gray.

One last thing…

We have specials for you like this all the time.

There will be more.

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Hope to see you soon!