Local musicians flock to The Pelican Reef

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Dear Fan:

There’s a lot going on!

You may have heard about some of it, you may not.

We’ll keep it short.

If you visit The Pelican Reef, then you’ll want to read to the very end.

Here we go…

Over the past few weeks we have been hosting a swarm of very talented local musicians.

They come out, play some tunes, and entertain the music lovers in the crowd.

Now these aren’t just some guys off the street who popped up on stage to play.

No, not at all.

These guys are all in local, touring bands around the area.

These guys are WORKING musicians.

They enjoy their craft. They practice their craft. They entertain others.

And now you’re invited to come out this Thursday and here the next batch of musicians.


Here’s what that’s all about.

Each Thursday, we’re going to be showcasing some amazing local talent on Thursday nights.

If you’re music fan, then you’ll want to stop in and listen for a bit.

This week, you can catch 4 amazing musicians.

Your hosts are Justin Gipson of Camm Lewis and the Live Oaks, Sergio Rangel, Levon Gray, and Ryan Dreibilbis.

They’ll each be playing tunes.

And if you’re a musician, then here’s the best part – You can come down and join in!

Come sign up for a three-song set under the lights!


Be sure to get here Thursday night for the showcase of local musicians.

It’ll be fun.

Keep your eyes and ears open for more information on the next 2nd Saturday Party at The Pelican Reef.

See you tomorrow night.