Music On Thursdays: It’s a Local Launching Pad

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If you’ve been to The Pelican Reef in the past few weeks, then you’ve seen some great concerts.

Standing room only concerts.

Big crowds. Fun times.

Dancing. Smiling. Laughing. Cheering.

There’s times when the entire place is singing along.

It’s been fun for everyone who was there.

But here’s something you might have missed…

On Thursday nights at The Pelican Reef, there is an amazing selection of local artists who come out and showcase their talent.

And they are AMAZING!

If you’re music fan, then you’ll want to stop in and listen for a bit.

And if you’re a musician, then here’s the best part – You can come down and join in!

At The Pelican Reef, LIVE MUSIC is back and it’s changing up Thursday nights.

Here’s the deal.

We’re continuing our spring and summer of big events at The Pelican Reef. 

This Thursday  you can enjoy live music by Camm Lewis and the Live Oaks!

These guys are a local band on the rise with a killer sound, great vocals, and an amazing song selection.

You might have heard them a few weeks ago.

Well they’re back.

So get over to The Pelican Reef from 7pm to 10pm to catch them live.

But that’s not all.

We’ve added a twist.

If you’re a singer / songwriter, then you’re invited to come on out and sing a few tunes.

The band will play the first set and throughout the night, but if you want a chance to sing, then you’ll get it!

There’ll be a sign-up sheet available.

Just put your name on the list and you’ll get a turn to shine when the band stops.

Going to be fun, fun, fun!

So get out here and support Camm Lewis and the Live Oaks and all the singer/songwriters.

See you soon!