Kickoff Party for The Summer’s First Blowout Event at The Pelican Reef

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Kickoff Party – The blowout event of the summer…

It’s finally here!

At The Pelican Reef, we’ve spent the past few months putting on big, brand-new events.

This is the biggest one ever…

…and it’s the first one in a series that will go on all summer long.

If you’re looking for something fun to do on Saturday nights, then you’re about to discover the biggest, best, and most fun Saturday night party being thrown this summer.


The Pelican Reef’s 2nd Saturday Kickoff Party

Designed just for you… located in the downstairs party room… with a party-rockin’ band…

…and this is your personal request to join us.

To come out and play. For real.

Here’s the deal.

On June 10th, you can join us at The Pelican Reef for our Kickoff Party for our summer series.

It’s called 2nd Saturday at The Pelican Reef.

2nd Saturday is a special event happening each month all summer long.

You can enjoy special food, drinks, and live concerts at The Pelican Reef.

We’re pulling out all the stops to make it an all day event capping off with the best regional music around!

And for the Kickoff Party on June 10th, come catch your favorite tunes from the Jimmy Buffet tribute band, Parrot Tales.

Parrot Tales is a Jimmy Buffet tribute and cover band from Montgomery, AL who deliver a fun-filled night full of great music and tunes.

What a better way to enjoy the start of the summer than with a night of music… Island Style!

Food – Taste special dishes all day long. New food specials from a limited menu featuring dishes like Volcano Nachos, Paradise Lime Chicken Wings, and our ReefBurger in Paradise. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

Drinks – Try some wild, wacky, and delicious new drinks. Come try new drinks like the Ocean Potion and the Hawaiian Mimosa.

Music – And don’t forget about the LIVE concert from Parrot Tales, the best regional Jimmy Buffet-tribute band around.

You can laugh, listen, dance, and sing along to all your favorite beach songs, island tunes, and your favorite cover songs from your favorite “island musician.”

Parrot Tales will fill the night with all the tunes you love and know by heart.

So get here and dance around. Bounce and boogie. Laugh and let loose.

Lift those legs. Tap your toes. Sing along.

Don’t know the exact words?

That’s okay. Belt ’em out anyway!

We’re all friends here at The Pelican Reef and you’ll be surround by music lovers, fun times, and good people who just want to enjoy themselves.

You’ll enjoy yourself too!

It’s going to be so much fun that you’ll probably need to take Monday off.

It’s the Kickoff Party for 2nd Saturday at The Pelican Reef.

On June 10th featuring Parrot Tales, the Jimmy Buffet-tribute band.

Music starts at 8pm just when it’s getting dark.


And don’t forget…

Best of all… because everything at The Pelican Reef is covered, this event is going to happen rain or shine!

That’s right! We’re not letting the weather get the best of us. It’s going to be a fun time no matter what.

If you enjoy the sunset, come down and sit on the back deck, watch the sun go down, then step into the Party Room to giggle, jiggle, get down, boogie, and sing-a-along!

We’ve made 2nd Saturday the “place-to-be” this summer at The Pelican Reef.

See you on June 10th for Parrot Tales and the Kickoff Party for 2nd Saturday at The Pelican Reef.

One last thing…

We have specials for you like this all the time.

There will be more.

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