Another NEW dish for Monday night.

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Another NEW dish for Monday night.

If you saw the post last week, then you know Monday is your chance to try the new Chef’s Special at The Pelican Reef.

It’s a new way for you to try unique and delicious dishes that you won’t see elsewhere.

Monday Chef’s Specials are just another of the many new and exciting things you can experience at The Pelican Reef.

Last week, there was the The Pelican Reef Shrimp Salad served with Blackened Shrimp.

It’s pictured below, in case you missed it.

If you missed out, then you’ll have to wait until next time to try it.

This week, we have something just as special.

It’s another special culinary combination of flavor and down-home Southern cooking.

It’s this. It’s The Reef’s Crispy Fried Ribs.

You get 4 fried ribs sprinkled with an orange marmalade sauce.

The dish comes with corn on the cob and Texas Toast.

All for only 14.95 this Monday night only. (4/17/2017)

Pro Tip: When you’re done with the ribs, dip that Texas Toast in the marmalade sauce. It’s delicious.

This is just another one of the unique and delicious dishes you’ll find on Monday nights at The Pelican Reef.

Check out the pictures below.

Check out the Chef’s Special for tonight – Fried Ribs – along with last week’s special in the background, The Pelican Reef Shrimp Salad served Blackened Shrimp.


Serving size is 4 ribs with an orange marmalade sauce, Served with corn on the cob and Texas Toast.


The Reef Fried Ribs – One of the many creative and unique dishes you’ll find at The Pelican Reef on Monday Nights for the Chef’s Special.

The Reef’s Crispy Fried Ribs are 14.95, served with corn on the cob and Texas Toast.

Available Monday night only, 4/17/2017. (That’s tonight!)

More specials are coming each Monday.

So stay tuned.

One last thing…

We have specials for you like this all the time.

There will be more.

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