A Band Explodes

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If LIVE music and a fun Saturday night both make you smile, then this is your personal invitation to a wild night of crazy fun and LIVE music this Saturday night…

…only at The Pelican Reef.

Here’s the deal.

If you’ve been to The Pelican Reef in the past few months, then you’ve seen the changes.

New specials. New food. New dishes.

New events. New faces. New music.

You’ve seen live music during the week. Been to special “local-only” events. And you’ve met a lot of new faces in and around the place.

This Saturday night, on April 22nd, there’s another chance you can enjoy one of these terrific events.

And this one is going to be HUGE!

This Saturday you’ll have the chance to see and listen to Camm Lewis and the Live Oaks.

If you haven’t heard them before, let me tell you all about them.

They’re a group of up and coming musicians who have found a killer sound.

They’re local… They’re dedicated… And they’re GOOD!

That’s why they’ve been playing all over Mobile and the Eastern Shore.

And on Saturday, April 22nd, they’ll be at The Pelican Reef.

People have described their sound as a mixture of grassroots country and southern rock.

In other words, they play the type of music that we all love to hear and sing a long with… instead of that watered-down stuff on the radio today.

It’s this unique blend of style and talent that’s making them so popular in the area.

You’ll enjoy them.

In fact, if you’ve been at The Pelican Reef in the past several Thursdays, you’ve had the chance to hear them in person.

And let me tell you, those audiences on Thursday have LOVED THEM!

That’s why we’re bringing them to you this Saturday night.


Saturday night at The Pelican Reef is now exploding! 

What started out as a simple concert has exploded into a full-on party on Saturday night at The Pelican Reef.

There was already a crowd coming.

But now it’s getting even bigger.

Here’s why –

Camm Lewis and The Live Oaks are playing LIVE on Saturday at The Pelican Reef.


Turns out… Camm and the boys have been in the studio recording their own original music.

And on Saturday night you’ll get the chance to hear their brand-new single, “One Night at a Time.”

And the single has just dropped on iTunes, so Saturday night is their Single-Release Party!

Here’s the best part…

This concert on Saturday will be very first times they’re performing it live since it’s release on iTunes.

The band has shared pieces of the song with us and let me tell you… It’s great.

You know that feeling you get when you hear your favorite song?

You start tapping your foot and singing along.

Well the new single “One Night at a Time” will for sure be your next new favorite song.

But that’s not all…

In addition to all that, on Saturday…

…there’s an amazing opening band, another local musician called Levon Gray.

So instead of one amazing band, now there’s TWO!

Levon Gray has jammed with us at The Pelican Reef on several nights.

And on Saturday night, he’ll be bringing his band as the opening act for Camm Lewis and The Live Oaks.

What an amazing night!

If you’re looking for a Saturday night to remember, then you’ll want to be here at The Pelican Reef

The show is on Saturday, April 22nd.

Opening band starts at 7pm.

But that STILL not all about Saturday.

Want to know the best part?

There’s absolutely NO COVER CHARGE to enjoy this amazing Saturday night at The Pelican Reef. 

So if you’ve been looking for an amazing Saturday night, then you’ll want to be at The Pelican Reef starting at 7pm.

It’ll be a Saturday to remember.

See you at 7pm at The Pelican Reef!