The 2017 Survival Guide for Mardi Gras in South Mobile County

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It’s that time of year again.

Time for fun, friends, smiles and giggles.

Of course, it’s Mardi Gras 2017!

Mardi Gras is a special time of the year for Mobile locals.

It’s not celebrated everywhere, so if you have visitors from out of town, be sure to take them to a parade.

Mardi Gras lets us Mobilians get back to our roots. We get in touch with our past.

We’ve been celebrating Mardi Gras in Mobile for a over 314 years.


Over 3 hundred years! (That’s a lot of moonpies…)

Mardi Gras started in Mobile in 1703

Mardi Gras started in Mobile in 1703.

We were THE FIRST to have Mardi Gras.

Now, look.

This is a big point of contention here.

New Orleans (the “other” Mardi Gras town) has gained somewhat of a reputation as the center of Mardi Gras.

That may be true, but the fact is that Mardi Gras originated in Mobile.

And while that may be contentious for some, some people have started to prove it.

So, in other words, New Orleans may be famous for Mardi Gras, but it started with us here in Mobile.

But if you’re a Mobile local, then you already knew that.

In this article, you’re going to get the top tips for surviving and getting through the Mardi Gras parades in Mobile.

This guide is useful for any parade you attend in Mobile, Alabama.

So be sure to pass it along to friends.

After the guide, you’ll find out all information about the first three Mardi Gras parades in South Mobile County.

If you’ve never been to a parade in South Mobile, you should consider going.

First, there’s WAY fewer people. The parades are family friendly. And it’s always a nice drive to and from the parade route if the weather cooperates.

Edit and Update: For some reason, the official Mobile, Alabama Mardi Gras website DOES NOT list these parades. So that means you’re reading one of the only places you’ll find the complete story about the parades in South Mobile County. Be sure to hit Share on Facebook to help get the word out to the other people who want to enjoy these parades.

Here we go.

Let’s jump into the 5 steps to survive Mardi Gras in Mobile, Alabama.


Tip #1 Plan ahead

This is just good advice in general, but during Mardi Gras it’s your #1 priority.
When you’re at a parade during Mardi Gras, you can be certain of one thing. There’s going to be a crowd.

So you’ll need to plan ahead.

The first item to plan for is the weather. Check the weather BEFORE you go out. Check it the night before. Then check again in the morning before you leave.

Bring a jacket and/or some rain gear if it’s raining. There is nothing more miserable than being wet and cold during a parade. It doesn’t matter how many necklaces you get!

The other things you need to be prepared for are the traffic to the parades, picking your own spot to watch the parade, and the knowing the route of the parade in case you want to catch it more than once.

We’ll talk about those in just a minute.

But first… let’s talk about food and alcohol.

Tip #2: Bring snacks and water

Let me be truthful with you.

Being Hangry is a real thing. If you get hungry, you get grumpy.

And no one should be grumpy during a Mardi Gras parade.

Your best snacks are fruits or nuts. It’s an easy (and healthy!) way to stay in a good mood while you’re enjoying your day.

To the parents who are bringing kids – Snacks are a must have!

Oh… And water.

You might not know this, but many times if you’re feeling a little hungry, it’s actually because you’re thirsty.

So bring a bottle of water or two for you and the family.

Unless of course you’re drinking alcohol, in which case you should drink more water.

That leads us to our next tip.


Tip #3 Pace yourself with the alcohol


Sitting out on the parade routes all morning, afternoon, and evening can be fun.

No wait…

It IS fun.

If alcohol is part of your day, pace yourself as you go.

Stay hydrated.

Everyone wants to have a good time and too much alcohol can hurt the safety of yourself and others.

It’ll also save you from a massive hangover the next day.

A good rule of thumb is this: For every cocktail or beer, have a glass of water. And if you get too drunk or go too long without food, then read the next step.


Tip #4: If you need food, EAT

Every year this happens.

Someone gets tired, grumpy, or too drunk because they didn’t eat anything all day.

Look, snacks are fine. Drink Water. Pace yourself.

Do everything you just read about in the previous steps.

But for the love of all things Mardi Gras, please remember to fuel your body and eat something.

If you’re on Dauphin Island during the Mardi Gras parades, there’s plenty of places to eat.

You’ll find plenty of food stands and if you’re lucky there’s a restaurant within walking distance of your spot.

Once you leave Dauphin Island, in the Fowl River area you’ll find The Pelican Reef , Baudeans, Bailey’s, and even Greer’s, a grocery store which has a small deli inside.

If you need to eat, get some food.


Tip#5 Stake out a spot –

This step is Mardi Gras advice from a pro.

Here it is: Find a spot, stake it out, and stay there.

It’s simple, but true.

Find a spot and stay there.

Camp out. Unload your car. Fold out your chairs. Whatever.

But hang around in your spot.

You can’t just wander around like Moses in the desert and then expect to have a good place to stand when the parade starts.

The whole point of you planning ahead and getting there early is so you can actually ENJOY yourself when the parade starts and the moonpies start flying.

If you skip this step, you’ll likely be shoved in the back or elbowed in the gut when you try to get some of those sweet, sweet necklaces.



Expect traffic delays getting to the Mardi Gras parade and getting back.


If you go to a parade in Mobile, there’s several ways to get in and out. If you’re going to a parade on Dauphin Island, the way on and off the island are a whopping grand total of ONE.

So expect some traffic.

And leave early and make sure you know where you’re going. See Tip #1.


Take Pictures during the parade.

These days everyone has a camera on their phone.

When the parade starts, remember to snap those photos. Then post them on Facebook, Instagram and tag all your friends. Be sure to tag the Pelican Reef (Link: ) because we want to see them. And it’ll let us know you read this article.

That’s it. Everything you need to know about surviving Mardi Gras in Mobile.

Mobile in South Mobile County – Pic from Order of the Rolling River in Fowl River

So let’s move on to the details about the parades in South Mobile County.

Here’s the details, dates, and descriptions of the parades in South Mobile County.

Saturday, January 28

1 p.m. – Krewe de la Dauphine

Location of Parade: Dauphin Island
Google Map Link to Dauphin Island: Link

Parade Route: Begins at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Parade goes down Bienville
Boulevard toward the West End of the island and then ends around 1501 Bienville,
which is the location of the old Dauphin Island Elementary School.

Google Map Link (this is the location to the beginning of the parade) :

Facebook Event For Krewe de la Dauphine:

1 p.m. – Town of Dauphin Island Parade

Location / Route: Dauphin Island
Google Map Link to Dauphin Island: Link

Parade Route: Begins at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab. Parade goes down Bienville
Boulevard toward the West End of the island and then ends around 1501 Bienville,
which is the location of the old Dauphin Island Elementary School.

Google Map Link (this is the location to the beginning of the parade) :

Facebook Event For Town of Dauphin Island Parade:

Saturday, February 11

2 p.m. – Order of the Rolling River (DIP)

Location / Route: Fowl River / DIP

Order of the Rolling River –

Starts at American Legion Post 250, located at 10950 DIP. (link)

Parade goes south down DIP towards Baumhauer Road. Parade takes a right (west) on Baumhauer and travels to Pioneer Road. Then north on Pioneer to Fowl River Road. East on Fowl River back to DIP. Finally, the parades turns south on DIP to return to American Legion Post 250.

Google Map Link to American Legion Post 250 (this is the start of the parade):

Facebook Event For Order of the Rolling River:

There you go!

Everything you need to survive Mardi Gras in South Mobile!

Have fun!