Halloween Party – Band, Cash, Drinks, and MORE!

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Dear Pelican Reefer:

If you’ve been to The Pelican Reef before, you know we like to throw parties on the weekends.

Halloween is one of our favorite times to do this.

Here’s the deal.

This year, Halloween falls on a Monday night.

That’s a problem for most people since they have to get up and go to work the next day.

No one really wants to drag into work on a Tuesday morning after being at a party the night before.

So we fixed it for you.

We’re throwing our famous costume Halloween Party on Saturday, October 29th!

That’s right!

On Saturday, October 29th, drop by The Pelican Reef for some Halloween costume party fun!

There will be live music from Retrobution and even cash prizes for the best costume.

It’s a fabulous way to have fun, laugh, dance, drink, and celebrate Halloween with your friends.

And, best of all, you can come party at The Pelican Reef on Saturday and STILL go out trick-or-treating on Monday night.


So be sure to grab your best friend, get dressed up in your very best costume, and drop in The Pelican Reef on Saturday, October 29th.

There’s no cover and the music starts at 8pm.

See you then!