1/2 Price Oysters On The Half Shell – Now on Wednesdays!

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Oysters have a long history.

Roman kings ate them in the spa. Japanese farmers grew them back in 2000 BC. The ancient Greeks considered oysters a source of wisdom and vitality.

At The Pelican Reef, we love oysters.

And we want you to live like the Roman kings of past.

So from now until further notice, we’re offering half-shell oysters at half price on Wednesdays from 4pm to close.

Just come in, sit down, and start eating.

Have them as an appetizer or have them for your meal.

Either way, it’s up to you.

Of course we want you to come back to The Pelican Reef for dinner whenever you like.

But we know that if you’re an oyster lover, then there’s nothing as delicious as oysters on the half-shell.

You don’t have to be from Japan. You don’t have to be wise like an ancient Greek.

Just show up on Wednesday and eat Oysters like a King at The Pelican Reef.