3 Amazing Things at The Pelican Reef

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3 amazing things have happened in the past few weeks at The Pelican Reef.

Each one is interesting in it’s own way.

And each one is equally amazing.

Here they are.


A few weeks ago, if you asked someone in Mobile about a buffet on Fowl River, most of them would give you a funny look and scratch their heads.

Today if you ask that, quite a few people will tell you about the seafood buffet at The Pelican Reef on Tuesday nights.

There’s been an amazing response.

Apparently word is getting out.

People are talking about our Tuesday Night Seafood Buffet.

They’re telling their friends about it and they’re coming back each week.

More about that in just a second.

But let’s talk about the second amazing event.

You see, about two weeks ago we had a visit by a husband and his lovely wife who had been traveling to Dauphin Island for over 10 years.

And they were visiting The Pelican Reef for the first time!

Why is that amazing?

Because they had heard about us from their friends talking about our food.

The friends had come on Tuesday night and had great things to say.

So after 10 years of visiting Dauphin Island, they decided to give us a try.


Which leads us to the third amazing discovery.

The word of mouth and the support from all of you who have been to the buffet has been amazing!

We are truly blessed and so thankful for all of you who come out and enjoy our Tuesday night buffet at The Pelican Reef.

People love it.

They’re telling their friends about it and they’re telling their friends all about Fowl River.

And we thought you might be interested in hearing about it too.

Here’s the deal.

We’re offering our popular seafood buffet on Tuesday nights starting at 5pm.

Our locally famous seafood buffet has everything you could ask for from fried fish, fried shrimp, boiled shrimp, boiled crawfish, crab salad, broiled fish with cream sauce, green beans, turnip greens, and so much more!

We’ve been swamped with new people coming from Mobile, Dauphin Island, Foley, Theodore, Coden, and Bayou la Batre.

Word is getting out.

So far we’ve had an amazing response.

Here’s just a few of the nice things people have said:

“Delicious food…Sooooo glad it’s here!!! We recommend it highly!!”

And others felt the same way.

Here’s another:


So listen.

If you missed it last week, then you don’t want to miss it this time around.

Be sure to get to The Pelican Reef early, because if we have crowds like we did last week, there’s a chance we might run out of something.

Don’t let that happen to you.

The seafood buffet is such a treat, we want everyone to have the chance to eat!

If you’ve never been to our seafood buffet, you’re in for quite an experience. The price per person is 15.95. There’s so much food that you’ll stuff yourself trying to eat it all.

Before last week the last time we offered this seafood buffet at night was back in March and everyone had a blast! We packed the house.

And we expect to do it again THIS TUESDAY at 5pm.

So if you like seafood and you get hungry, then come visit us tomorrow and see what everyone is talking about!

Buffet starts at 5PM and goes to 9PM.

Large groups are welcome.

See you on Tuesday Night!

– The Pelican Reef