It’s the $1.4 BILLION Party Night!

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Halloween Party at The Pelican Reef

Dear Reefer:

Here’s something you might not know.

Halloween is fun for kids. (You know that one.)

But for adults, it’s become a massive PARTY TIME!

In fact, Halloween night is THE biggest party nights for adults. Over $1,400,000,000.000 is spent each year on ADULT costumes.

That’s 1.4 Billion Dollars.


We love this at The Pelican Reef and we’re doing something about it.

We’re continuing our yearly tradition of putting on the biggest Halloween party in South Mobile for adults age 21 and up.

But, this year, we’ve added an extra twist.

Here’s the deal.

On Saturday, October 31st, you can join in on the biggest Halloween party on Fowl River.

You can enjoy drink specials all night long.

You can groove and shake your costume booty to the killer sounds of The Rock Bottom Band.

And you can laugh and have fun with all your friends at The Pelican Reef.

Just like every year, you’ll have a chance to win cash money at our costume contest. The winners of the contest will be announced at 11:30PM.

So what’s the twist, you ask?

Well, my dear Reefers, the twist is simple.

Since we love Halloween so much and adults love to spend $1.4 Billion on costumers, we’ve decided to give everyone a chance to win the costume contest and…


That’s right.

Bring all your friends and get everyone dressed up because the COVER for The Pelican Reef’s Halloween Party is nothing.

Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nothing to get in.

Put on your best costume, grab your friends and head on down to The Pelican Reef on Saturday, October 31st.

The party starts at dark.

The band starts at 9.

The winners of the costume contest are announced at 11:30pm.

This Halloween at The Pelican Reef we’re giving you a chance to cut loose and have some fun with your friends.

See you soon!