For The First Time In History – Scream Your Loudest At Fowl River

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Haunted Maze at The Pelican Reef

For The First Time In History – Scream Your Loudest At Fowl River

(Please don’t buy a ticket if you have a bad heart.)

Dear Reefer:

If you’ve been to The Pelican Reef on Fowl River, you’ll notice we have a lot to offer.

Fun times.
Lively servers.
Good fun.
Great experience.

Well, for TWO whole weekends in October, we’re choosing 4 different words to describe ourselves.

What are those four words?

They are: . . . Scary. Screaming. Creepy. Eerie.

Here’s the deal.
For the first time in the history of Fowl River, we’re bringing you a brand new experience.

It’s all about Halloween.

And it’s all about making you scream so loud that your voice will carry all the way down to Bellingrath Gardens.

On Thursday and Friday nights in October, you’ll have the chance to experience the scariest event on Fowl River.

It’s the Haunted Maze.

On the weekends of October 22nd – 23rd AND October 29th – 30th, come to The Pelican Reef and go through one of the scariest things to ever sit on the banks of Fowl River.

It’s the Haunted Maze on Fowl River.

We’ve turned out downstairs into a winding, wavy, pitch-black corridor of screams and terror.

Come in and experience these four words – Scary, screaming, creepy, eerie.

Tickets are available in advance and at the door.

Advanced tickets are $7 for adults and $3 for kids. At the door, it’s $10 for adults and $5 for kids.

And PLEASE – If you have a heart condition, don’t buy a ticket. There’s no telling what will happen if you go through the scariest place on Fowl River.